Bridesmaid Task Helping Your Friend In Buying The Best Wedding Dress

You both have been together since the childhood and decided things for each other for quite some years now. You have helped her in picking up the best of fashionable things while she has been there through thick and thin for you. Now that she is getting married there is an excitement level brimming in the two of you. You will have to do the maid of honor task with utmost precision. From arranging her trousseau and honeymoon pick to assisting her in picking up, the wedding day outfit will be your job.

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There are a lot of options available these days when it comes to choosing the dresses as per the functions. You can choose between lehenga, wedding pattu sarees ,beautiful floor length suits and gown for the cocktail evening. The wedding day is one of the most important days of the brides’ life, and she needs to look gorgeous in whatever she wears. All eyes should be on her and admire her beauty when she walks down the aisle. Being the maid of honor and the best friend you will know what will look best on her. You should, however, keep the following things in mind.

Keep a Check on The Material 

The bride may go whimsical when it comes to choosing the options for the wedding outfits, and you should make sure that the material selected is good enough as you will be spending a considerable amount on the costume. Quality of the material should be such that it stays in place and sets well on the body type of the bride. Your honest remarks will help her choose an outfit that will look best on her. If you both plan on wearing a saree on the wedding day, then silk sarees are the best option for you.

Choosing the Essentials 

As a maid of honor, you must keep track of crucial things that she will need on the big day. She is the bride and has a lot of things to remember. Make sure that all her belongings are packed in one place before she leaves for the parlor to get ready. People tend to forget necessities like bridal bangles and matching nail paints. If you pack all the belongings carefully in a bag, well in advance, then you wouldn’t have to worry or run around to buy things at the last minute. The best way to deal with it is to sit and make a list of things to buy.

Bridal Makeup

Before you book on the parlor for the big day, you must make sure that you have tested the makeup capabilities of the person in charge. These days most of the salons offer test makeup on half a face so that you can judge the things that will look good on you. Making iterations on the day of the wedding will delay the whole schedule unnecessarily so make sure that you ask them for best makeup testing well in advance.

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